You are such a beautiful spirit and I truly love your voice! I love and sincerely appreciate your work!

                    ...LuCretia Crump, poet, Once Upon a Life in Time, in Spirit, and in Flesh

I could listen to you all day! Wow, you really brought the book to life. Well done! Thank you again for all the hard work and great, inspiring narration.

                    ...Jacob Erez, agent for authors Naomi & John Howard Advanced Ho'oponopono

Kathryn!! It's perfect! Thank you so much!!!  :)

                    ...Guilherme Martins, Artica Creative Computing

You had me in tears, then laughing hysterically, then anxious to see what might happen next with your dramatic reading. You did a fantastic job and I'm so appreciative of your effort with my book.

                    ...Tanya K Lukas, author of Orphan Moon

We loved your read/singing of the diaper song. Our clients loved your voice and have decided to use it for their presentation.

                    ...Robyn Schmutte, MWP

Kathryn, this is excellent! Thanks for your great work!

                    ...Steve Stansell, Steve Stansell Voiceover

YES! Sure wish I'd had you narrate my first book! I want you for any and all future narrations!!

                    ...Peni Jo Renner, author of The Puritan Chronicles

We are listening to your voice-over and couldn't be more pleased. Absolutely glad to have you. Your work was excellent.

                    ...Zachary Smith, Dynasty Films

Hi, Kathryn! I love the sound of your voice. I'll definitely keep you in mind for future projects.

                    ...Maggie Grow, Illumina Interactive

Thank you for the recordings for the second round of this audition. They were well received. We have ranked your audition with four stars on Voice123. We'd like to cast you in this project for the role of Alice. I'll have a short contract sent over momentarily. Congratulations and Happy Holidays! The pleasure is all ours! Here is the contract - Wonderful as always Kate. Thank you!

                    ...Selene Morrow, The Holodreams Team

The Client really likes your style. Thanks again, your sample was great and easy to choose. It clearly stood out among the others.

                    ...Bill Whitney

Fantastic! That's just great. Perfect! Thanks again!

                    ...Kieran Jordan, Atlantic Steps

With a unique voice and style, I knew when I heard Kathryn Fields' audio samples that her voice would be perfect for one of my western romance books, and I was right. Kathryn is professional, easy to work with, and enthusiastic about projects. I look forward to working with her again.

                    ...M.K. McClintock, author of Gallagher's Choice

Sounds great. Thanks for working on this. Your reading was truly excellent.

                    ...Chance Maree, author of Kimi & the Shaman and Leta & the Sufi

Thanks so much for the audition. I must say that of the 7 I have received so far, yours has peaked my interest most. I listened to all the other auditions you did here and I'm impressed by your ability to move from one character to another and portray different ages and personalities. I thought I would prefer a male voice, but as I said, yours trump all the others.

                    ...Ana E. Ross, author of The Doctor's Secret Bride

I've got to admit to feeling fairly excited (a feeling I thought I was immune to!). I want to repeat just how pleased I am with the final product, Kathryn. Your narration is wonderful. I'll be in touch.

                    ...Samuel J.M. King, author of Tales of the Symbiont Safety Patrol

Thanks, I am super pleased; you did a fantastic job!

                    ...Pearlie Wood, author of Altered Life